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Foolishly going where angels fear to tread, the Spiritually Incorrect Podcast asks all the uncomfortable questions you've always wondered yet never felt comfortable asking. Wherever spirituality collides with the oddities of science, philosophy, politics, culture, or history–there we will be. 


Today’s world has no shortage of tough questions for the faithful: What is astrology, and why do so many people believe in it today? What are we supposed to believe about ourselves as made in God’s image if NASA discovers alien life tomorrow? What is the multiverse and how would it impact a Christian view of creation? What about reincarnation and the supposed evidence for it?

There are so many intriguing and important questions crying out for an answer. Yet much of the popular discussion has centered on apologetics against atheism or a few select social issues. Because of that, a vacuum has been left unattended, especially when it comes to the younger generations who are experiencing the ever-growing wave of ‘spiritual but not religious’. Bridging the gap between academics and the layperson, The Spiritually Incorrect Podcast seeks to introduce listeners to the weird and wondrous worldviews next door while providing a thoughtful and rigorous response from within the Christian tradition.  Avoiding the twin vices of pure dismissal and naive acceptance, each topic will be treated uniquely and non-defensively, creating an atmosphere where taboo subjects can be examined without the normal discomfort that prevents their discussion in the pew.

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Dr. JD Lyonhart served as a minister at a Chinese church for five years in Vancouver, Canada, before receiving a Masters and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He is now an Associate Professor of Christianity and Philosophy at the University of Jamestown, as well as a Fellow at the Cambridge Center for the Study of Platonism at Cambridge University. For more information, see

Dr. Seth Hart is a professor of Theology at Lincoln Seminary & Ozark Christian College. He holds degrees from Oxford, Durham, Regent College, and Johnson University. His current research delves into whether the field of biology and its fundamental concepts are built upon theistic foundations, arguing that terms like “adaptation”, “organism”, and “fitness” all entail the existence of God. 

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